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DSM 5.0-4493 on a netbook with an x32 processor - OS installation goes in a circle

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Good afternoon.


Please help.


Netbook ASUS IEEE 900 (Celeron M 353/1G/16G)
32 bit processor.


I downloaded the latest x32 bootloader - NanoBoot-x86-
Booted normally from a flash drive.
Through the web interface, I found my Synology netbook as a device - DS214play with OS 5.0-4493
Downloaded the appropriate OS distribution.
When installing, slipped the OS distribution file DSM_DS214play_4493
The installation process went on the web interface, the installation went on the netbook screen.
During the installation process, the netbook rebooted several times, there was a countdown of 10 minutes on the web interface.
After the seconds counter came to zero, the web interface said that it could not find the device.
I refreshed the page and got to the OS installation start page with a migration offer.
I did a migration with saving the settings and a clean installation.
I refreshed the page and got to the OS installation start page with a migration offer.
Rebooted the netbook - refreshed the page and again got to the OS installation start page with a migration offer.
And so in a circle.


The question is - what am I doing wrong and how to properly install the OS so that the NAS works fine?

Thanks in advance for tips.


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i'd question your whole effort

dsm needs sata disks for volumes (so connecting a usb disk will not add to tha data volume size), with just 16GB intenrnal hdd (sata flash of the slowest type) you wont have much space and even if you can upgrade it to 1-4TB by a sata hdd you will still have only a 100MBit network resulting in "interesting" ~11MB/s NAS speed - is that really something usable?

you can also try a (older version?) of open media vault, maybe thats easier but still 100MBit nic is not going to be much fun to use


i'd say find any old desktop with ahci compatible sata and 1G nic and try loader 1.03b 3615 or 3617 with dsm 6.2.3


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