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Help me choosing Xpenology vs original Synology


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Hi there!


I am about to upgrade my NAS (for now an old 2bay one) to adapt it to my needs.


Some key facts:

- 4bay NAS

- no transcoding

- encryption


So the DS415+ is basically what I am looking for .. but somehow I am not ready to pay >500€ for that kind of case.

The alternative would be an Skylake-based NAS that would cost me about 300€ + having the possibility to further upgrade if needed (CPU Power- and >4bay-wise).

The other alternative would be the DS416j - in that case encryption is not possible .. and the CPU Power is really low end


So what would you do? Get the low end DS416j? Pay the extra cash for 415+ or build your own NAS with Xpenology?

I know I am in the Xpenology forums .. but I still hope to get some constructive advice. Did someone switch back to an original Synology (for what reason?)? Have you switched from an original Synology to Xpenology - why & how is the impression?


Thank you in advance guys!

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Well im new here too but from how i see it is a lot of it comes down to your exact needs and knowledge for when issues arise.


With a retail box you get support from synology, warranty and all updates when they are available. everything that should work with the box you have should just work. smaller overall footprint & power consumption


With xpenology there is no support besides these forums which are very helpful from the browsing ive done. no warranty. not meant for production or data critical environment not to say it couldn't be used for this, xpenology seems as stable as my synology box was. updates take time to filter down to anyone running xpenology also if the people who do all the great work on this decide to stop so will the updates just the risk you take with anything like this . Not all hardware will fully work correctly with xpenology you do need to be mindful with what your getting hardware wise, i think most of the main stream stuff will work but there can be compatibility issues.


Overall i think xpenology is great, I've always had synology and love there interface a bit faster and cleaner then my QNAP so xpenlogy gives me the power i needed with a nice interface. I'm still in the testing phase but so far its working good



Both look good. the 415+ has better cpu and better hardware encryption so if you are going to be using the encryption the 415+ will be faster at it

https://www.synology.com/en-us/products ... 15+/DS416j



Hope my rambling is useful

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