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  1. Razor237

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hello, I have searched but have not found an answer so ill ask here. is it possible to get 4 nic ports working on a DS918+ image if i wanted too. maybe some can point me in the right direction thanks
  2. Razor237

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hello, I messed up my system a little bit after messing with trying to get the loader for DS918+ working i decided to go back to the 3617 loader but in all my back and forth i downloaded the 6.2.1 instead of the 6.2 for the ds3716 and it failed to boot and then i realized what i did wrong so i setup the loader the 3615 and got my system back up but now i'm having network issues with the eth2 & eth3 they are not working correctly one i was using for DHCP server thats not working for some reason now and the other is not showing the correct IP info but when i ssh in and stat the por
  3. Razor237

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thanks For the great loaders Jun and everyone else who contributes to the work I decided it was time to finally upgrade my bare metal setup to the newer builds . My hardware is a QNAP TVS-471 with 16GB of ram and a Core i5-4590 i wanted to try to get 918+ loader running on it wanted to try out the hardware transcoder for plex but i cant seem to get it working at all is there a limitation with that loader that i might be missing. I was able to load DS3615xs & DS3617xs with out issues but not the 918. So i was wondering if any one might have an idea as to what my issue could
  4. Razor237

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I had an odd failure yesterday with v1.02b running DSM 6.1.3-15152 update 3. I was trying to install a plex server update and that seemed to lock up the system and the web page was giving a generic synology saying the page you are looking for cant be loaded or something to that effect. I power cycled the server multiple times with no luck . i was thinking BTRFS failure or something so i pulled all drives and booted and got synology page saying no disks found and insert them. so i inserted the disks back and it prompted me to restup like my first time . to my surprise the Volume was still ther
  5. I recently redid my setup after a disk failure on my Qnap TVS-471 that i wasn't using a raid setup. i decided to install xpenolgy on that. my question is there a better option of the two loaders .... DS3615xs or DS3617xs, ive tried them both and they both seem to work just wondering if one was a better choice ? since im tinkering i installed photo station threw some photos and videos into the folder. its not a program i use so to me it seems to work ok , i was able to play avi & mp4 files, how were you trying to play the videos
  6. Hello, I did a bare-metal install of Jun's Loader v1.02a w/dsm 6.1 update 2 on my QNAP TVS-471 everything seems to be working on it only thing i noticed that i didn't notice on the pc i was using it now i see a whole bunch of usb1-1 to usb1-6 disks. i remember reading about this happening but cant seem to find the solution to hide them unless there wasn't one. anyone have any info Thanks
  7. Well you have a nice box with the QNAP, they are not bad the interface isn't as nice as Synology its gotten a little better with the newest beta. I think the main issue here is the box you have is an AMD version and xpenology boot loaders don't have the proper drivers for your hardware so you might be SOL on a baremetal install but you could always run it as a virtual machine and pass the maximum resources to the VM , i think you will be surprised on how decent it will run.. You could also sell it on ebay or something else, they hold there value and then you could get the synology box you
  8. I think as long as you can boot from a usb stick your should be good to follow the instructions from baremetal installs . I was able to get Xpenboot 5.2 working on my TVS-471 with out too many issues but i wound up going back to stock cause of a few minor issues not sure exactly what they were but i know one was i couldnt turn off the LCD screen it would always stay on and never trun off it got annoying . Not sure if you will have issues with the CPU since yours is AMD & mine was intel, i think it works for both types of CPU's but not 100% sure. you could always sell it for a real sy
  9. I have a silly question does this new loader have all the same compiled drivers as the xpeboot 5.2 has. I have a setup working fine on the old setup and havent looked at every device and driver yet so i was asking if all the same drivers were used on this one before i went and looked at everything
  10. It is possible , i got it to boot onto my TVS-471, not sure the exact steps that i went through. i needed a monitor and keyboard hooked up and had to get into the bios to change the boot so it wouldn't pick the internal boot rom. it was a process and in the end i didn't keep it running cause there were a few things that didnt run just right , one was the display always said booting and couldn't turn off. not that it couldn't be tweaked just didnt want to mess with it too much ..... i figured if i wanted to go back to synology i would just sell the qnap and get another synology then running t
  11. Razor237

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    anyone know if my HP nic card will work with this loader ...HP NC364T
  12. How do i find out what nic drivers are included .... i have a HP NC364T that currently works under 5.2
  13. Razor237

    Working DSM 6

    Does anyone know if HP NC364T 4-port nic will work
  14. Didnt work when i tried it, get a warning halfway through about cant get total number of license
  15. That page shows my Nas Cpu as Bromolow , but looking at thew download page for 7.2 there is no option for Bromolow, I have a i5 CPU. any ideas what one works i tired the x86_64 and it says wrong version for my system