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USB external hard disks on Xpenology (USB PORT issueHyper-V)


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you could run ESXi as the hypervisor and Windows as a VM on that, alongside XPE/DSM. (its even possible to run H-V within ESXi/Windows VM if you were 'crazy' enough :smile: ) If you want to keep H-V then this might work to connect the USB HDD on the network and mount the drive with the utility


http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002LB8XFK/r ... 9FMGYGYHQE


Thank you SBV300, I will give the later a try cuz I am afraid my "important data" like photos will get all deleted along the way migrating to ESXi.


Just thinking of that I guess I can attach the USB HD to a computer and mount that as a remote drive in FILE STATION..


thank you!

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