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  1. typer77

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    HP Proliant ML10V2 Xeon E3-1281 v3 EXSi HPE 5.5. using DS3617XS Loader stopped after showing "Screen will stop updating shortly, please open http://find.synology.com to continue". Synology assistant can't find the new NAS on network.
  2. Unfortunately, I am still not having the easy success as DSM 5.2 with the LSI raid array passthrough. Still can't see the array in 6.1.
  3. typer77

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I am a bit confused. In this upgrade on ESXi, I am using the ISO file as CDROM loader converted from the img file in the v1.03b folder. How about synoboot.vmdk? Where can I find .vmdk file for this upgrade? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you as well as I am having a similar issue. Currently running ESXi 5.5 HP version on a HP ML10 v2. My 8 HDD is already in an RAID array controlled by a LSI 9265. 1. I have tried to Putty into ESXi, but for some reason I can't have the right access privilege to change or create any files. So I can't get the vmkfstools to work. (This is a non-Xpenology issue - I am just not a good Linux person) 2. When I pass through to a Windows VM on the same machine, the array is visible in Windows VM environment. Best regards, Jack
  5. typer77


    I am running into issues when signing into drop box and authorizing Cloudsync to access. It stalls. Is Couldsync working on Xpenology? Thank you!
  6. typer77

    DSM error

    I have been getting this error: You have logged in and out of DSM using another web browser, or DiskStation has been restarted. Please log in to DSM again. After googling, I still can't find the solution. Has anyone experienced this? this also leads me to a 2nd question: Since I have another machine laying around, can I set up MS server Hyper-V on the 2nd host and run a VM redundancy? thank you for your input. Rgds Jack
  7. thanks to this thread, I also learned that time back up doesn't work with 5644.4. I got DSM back up working using 5592.2. thank you guys!
  8. Thank you SBV300, I will give the later a try cuz I am afraid my "important data" like photos will get all deleted along the way migrating to ESXi. Just thinking of that I guess I can attach the USB HD to a computer and mount that as a remote drive in FILE STATION.. thank you!
  9. In order to use VMware, I will have to get rid of Windows as the OS right? Thx Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  10. Hi all, Has anyone been able to connect a USB external hard disk to DSM running on a Hyper-V VM? I did some reading and the "named pipe" cannot be used as USB port passthrough. thank you!
  11. Hi NeoID, No I am not using Legacy network adapter. I tried but i can't even connect to the xpenology dsm ip by using legacy network adapter.... also please point me to the right place to learnmore about the MAC1= ... ETC. thanks
  12. Hi Guys I recently built Xpenology on HyperV on a HP ML10V2. Once i tied the 2 nics togrther, Xpenoloy cant access the internet. Package center cant get any data... is there any work around please? Thank you. Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  13. Greetings, I have exactly the same question. My set up is using HP ML10 V2. Currently using the RAID controller and created a RAID0 with 4 disks. It's passed onto DSM as 1 big disk. Would a different set up of passing 4 raw disks into DSM and set up RAID array there make more sense? I have also tried link aggregation tying the 2 NICs on ML10 V2 as a "team" to my phsycial DS412+ "bonded" networks. I don't see any performance improvements. Any thoughts will be helpful! Thanks guys!!!
  14. I can't see the images posted. What will be the "Diskstation Login and password" be please? thank you!!