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SOS!! Volumen1 crashed


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I have my microserver with 3 disks and now it says that the volumen1 has beed chrased and it´s in read only mode.

This is my configuration:


Volumen1 => 2Tb disk

Volumen2 => 5Tb disk

Volumen3 => 3Tb disk


what to do? every disk is a basic volume... I need to remove the volumen1 but if do this everything will work correctly? I ask because I supouse that everything is installed on volumen1....


Any help or clue?

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if the volume has crashed but in read only mode, you should be able to access the shared folders using File Station, or remotely mount the folders using smb. If you have enough space on Vol2 or 3 then you can use file manager to copy your files to them. Then you can delete and recreate the volume, but you will lose any packages or apps installed on vol1

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