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BIOS CMOS checksum error


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Happy New Year to everyone!


I've a healthy HP DC7900 and trying to use it as a headless NAS. After spent few days googling and testing, I realized BIOS CMOS corruption happens to DC7900 and many other machines running Xpenology. Every time the machine reboot, CMOS will corrupt and BIOS will prompt to press F1 to continue.


My little investigation found following:

- BIOS is corrupted right after Xpenoboot USB startup (Xpenoboot S3615xs5.2-5644.4). So not related to DSM itself.

- Nanoboot x86 as DS214play has no such issue (I'm still trying to figure out other issue though). Some posts also said 32 bit nanoboot has no such issue and DS214play is the only 32-bit x86 model.


May I know if anyone has a fix or workaround? I'm hoping if a x86 version of XpenoBoot could be available to fix the issue. I'm okay with the inherited limitations of DS214play.


Thank you!

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And you are sure that the bios battery's are not empty?


I replaced the battery already. Positive that the corruption is caused by the Xpenoboot USB (even without any harddisk attached).

It seems to me that the clock has been changed during the boot up process and that's somehow corrupted the CMOS. Every time this happens, the clock was set backward to GMT.

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