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running DSM in esxi. performance dips to sub 20 mbs after initial load



hello good day. i got dsm loaded on esxi (its dsm 6.2 or whatever) its good enough for what i want.


but the problem is when i start transfering something. it goes right to 90 ish mb. and then drop to 20 mb. and then slowly creep between 10 and 20 mb for the remainder 



the host hardware is a ryzen 1600x with 16 gb of ram. and the vm has 2 cores and 2 gb ram assigned which are not maxed.


any tips perhaps? the hard drive its using is not used for any other vm's so its fully assigned for dsm.


any tips on what i could check to improve this?




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esxi is on a seperate 500 gig hdd and the dsm os is on a 200 gig partition on a 1tb 7200 rpm drive.. 


i noticed it was doing parity checks so i let it finish and then transfer the files and it held down 112 mbs alot longer now but did drop back down to 10 mbs after a gig of 50/60


i tried to do a passtrough but i couldnt just passtrough the sata controller since other devices need the other drives


and i checked RDM and it seems i need to do some stuff in SSH in esxi to assign them to the vm?



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