DS918 use SR-IOV

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Hi there


Sorry,I'm not good at english.


I am using ESXi environment and I tried Jun's 1.03b loader with IG88's driver, the SR-IOV NIC could be recognized.


then I tried  DS918+ 1.04b loader with IG88's driver, the Synology Assistant could not find any DSM server.


I found IG88's driver contains file "ixgbevf.ko" ,but it seems not work.


So how can I use SR-IOV NIC with DS918, I need hardware decoding



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Here's what i did:


mkdir ds918

cd ds918

unlzma extra.lzma

cpio -idmv < extra

find . | cpio -o > ../extra

lzma ../extra -7


Although i got a new "extra.lzma" and it looks the same as the original file ,but unfortunately, it does'nt work.


So how can i modify the extra.lzma file? Maybe i can simply edit rc.modules ,just add a word "ixgbevf" ,then the SR-IOV NIC can be recognized?


Please help me,THANKS!

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