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How to Update from 4.3-4359 to 5.2?


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Hi All


I'm a newbie and would like some step by step advise on how i can update from my current version ( 4.3-4359) to the latest version available?


My current setup is a

- Intel Celeron G1820 2.7GHz 2MB

- ASRock H81M-HDS Intel H81 S1150 2xDDR3/SATA3/Front USB3

- G.Skill-NT 4GB Single DDR3 1600 F3-1600C11S-4GNT

- 2x Seagate 3.5" NAS 3TB


I use a USB drive to hold the firmware connected at the back of the system. When people say i need to take a backup, does that mean using a new USB stick for the new firmware? Does the firmware install anything on the drives?


Thanks in advance



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You really need to do a bit more reading before attempting anything.


But to answer your questions, you should backup all of your configuration settings from control panel & backup your data to an external source unless you don't mind risking any data that you have on the server. Xpenology is booted from a usb stick but DSM is installed to all HDD's in the server.

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