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My Synology DS211+ is full and I'm thinking of building my own NAS with XPEonology on it, instead of buying 1815+.

It's going to have 6x WD Red Pro 6TB drives in SHR-2 + 256GB Samsung 850 Pro for caching.


I was looking a video where Logan from Tek Syndicate built a NAS using FreeNAS, which uses ALOT of ECC memory for ZFS, RaidZ and whatever else.

How about DSM and/or XPEnology ? How much memory would it need for a 6x6TB configuration + SSD caching ?

I don't wanna stuff my board full of memory if Synology doesn't use it. However I will, if it does.

My goal is ultimately performance.

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The fact that it has (twice in my experience) caused a reboot loop where the system will not boot with the drives installed and set up a an SSD cache. It is currently being reported with the latest build 5644 now if you look through the forums.

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