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  1. hi! I don't think there are many people who have done this, but maybe I stumble upon one or two people. I put together my XPEnology server before 6.0.. half a year or so (bad timing), knowing that it'll be smooth sailing from there on out. Expand the server as I see fit and when... I use it for other purposes as well. Labs and stuff, various servers. But then 6.0 came... but Hyper-V support did not. I've waited a while and it seems it's either way too difficult, next to impossible or no one cares, because it's not really the popular choice when it comes to hypervis
  2. I have a dream that one day even the Hyper-V option, a much hated and disregarded hypervisor, greatly improved over the years, will be made available to the DSM users around the world.
  3. Hi I have currently 4x6TB drives in RAID10. I'm planning to add 2x8TB drives to the array, will this be ok ?
  4. Another one here very interested in this. Unfortunetaly my knowledge of linux is minimal and nonexistant when it comes to building stuff PS If you have something for testing, but don't have time, I could help with that I have alot of it
  5. Hi I don't have a Synology product to test whether this is a general DSM bug or something to do with XPEnology... or my setup. Anyway.. This is the 3rd time, last time I tried to use docker apps was about 2 versions ago. XPEnology simply crashes and restarts when I manage, stop, start a Docker app.. which sucks alot. My 10TB array started checking parity consistency again.. that will take some time Where can I see what happened before the crash I don't really want to reproduce the crash
  6. sirius

    Working DSM 6

    Feel free to make it work with Hyper-V aswell Simply converting vmdks to vhd, unfortunetaly, did not work
  7. Hello I would like some info on this aswell.
  8. Thanks, but "wrong cpu" is certainly not how I would've searched it
  9. Hello I have Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 in my box and I gave XPEnology 4 cores, but DSM Info Center shows that I have INTEL i3-4130 and 2 cores. It had 2 cores at first, but converting tons of stuff I have, took it a bit out of breath, so I added 2 more and it was ok after that. So it seems that it shows 2 cores, but really uses all 4 I gave it ? Any experience ?
  10. - Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 - ASRock X99M Extreme4 - 2x16GB Crucial 2133MHz CL15 DDR4 ECC (running at 1866 due to Xeon limitations) - Integrated: 1x Intel I218-V; 1x Qualcomm Atheros AR8171 - 1x Samsung SM951 128GB M.2 PCI-E SSD; 4x Western Digital Red Pro 6TB; 1x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
  11. DO NOT use WD Greens in NAS's WD Greens are absolute crap, which is why they're very cheap. They are meant for very mild usage, certainly not for NAS's and/or 24/7 usage. They are good for old people who rarely use the computer or kiosks where there is no data on-site, temp drives or something like that. If you value your data that is on the disk, don't put it on a WD Green drive. PS I don't have anything against WD. It's just you get what you pay for. And I don't say that just by looking at the price. I have had many Greens die in NAS's, so I have first hand knowledge and I've rea
  12. You need 2 SSDs if you cache read AND write. This article should help you out: SSD Cache You can mount SSD anywhere, just use double sided tape or something, they have no moving parts in them. If you're short of SSD ports on motherboard, your only solutions are either to buy a HBA card, a SATA card or buy a new motherboard with more SATA ports. A MOLEX to SATA power Y splitter - didn't know these things exist. Appearantly, they do.
  13. I'm using Gen1 VM, as Gen2 is not compatible.. some UEFI issue and all drives are on SCSI controller.
  14. Hi Finished building my new server (NAS+VM Host on Hyper-V 2012 R2) yesterday. It's awesome Build setup Installed XPEnology today with no problem during installation process, at least I think so. However when I started creating volumes and checked SSD Cache readyness.... It's scrubbing 4x6TB RAID10 volume right now, but when I go to SSD Cache page, it says: "No available SSDs to create cashes." Nor is it showing drives S/N, Firmware, temps, S.M.A.R.T, yet it recognizes the SSD drive. Did I do something wrong during XPEnology install, is it Hyper-V quirk or is this how it is in
  15. Hi iSCSI is broken since 5.2-5644.1. 5.2-5592.1 should be ok, I think. This will be the build I'm going to install on my new NAS. You can read the changelog here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5026 and see if it's ok for you.