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DDNS Token/Password Recovery from running DSM

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Does anyone know if the DDNS password/token can be retrieved after setting up in DSM and if so where is it stored?


I had a duckdns.org account authenticated by reddit and missed the moment when they closed the regular reddit login. Now to migrate my alias I have to login with a token which I have only used in a DSM. 

I guess it has to be written somewhere as the DDNS updates the IP correctly, but failed to find it. I can migrate the server to the new alias but I have it mapped in so many places that I would really like to avoid that...  


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Haven't found this information, but I've recovered the token by using tcpdump and analyzing it with wireshark. The DDNS update for duckdns is using plaintext http. 


So catching the packet was enough to read the token. 



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