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I own a Zotac bi320 which supports EXSI apparently. Now that's VMs are all the rage, I want to do the following:


1) Run xpenology on 1 vm

2) Run windows 8 on another vm


Now question is, both of these should be able to hibernate when not needed, but does EXSI support hibernation for both VMs? Can one hibernate without the other and lastly, if both are in hibernation, does the machine itself go into hibernation or what??


Even more lastly lol, are these both run as baremtal or what?


Thank you kindly and sorry for newbie questions



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I've only just started playing with ESXi myself, but I'll have a go at answering your questions.


I believe that ESXi host will try to honor the power state request made by the guest OS. So when the Windows vm tries to hibernate, ESXi will capture this request and suspend the vm. I assume that this is also the case for DSM, but I'd be interested to hear a definitive answer.


N.B. 'bare metal' refers to an OS being deployed to a physical server, it's the opposite of deploying to a hypervisor (e.g. ESXi, Hyper-V, etc.)

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I think it will sit there humming to itself until you tell it to go to sleep...


https://thisiscasperslife.wordpress.com ... ll-guests/


ESXi is designed to run in data centres that run 24/7 - these are not the sort of place where you let a server fall asleep on it's own (though you might well put it to sleep and wake it up again - for example if it's a spare node in a cluster)

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