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  1. Now running windows with xpenology in virtual box. No problems what so ever
  2. Hello, I have xpenology running on virtual box which is running on windows 7 I want to add a remote share from windows 7 to the audio station so it can play music. However the media indexer can't index remote shares so I have been trying to symlic know it to a folder in the standard music folder. When I try: Mount --bind \\\\***.***.*.****\\G /Volume1/music/ext *** = ip numbers and extra \ are included since it strips them out otherwise It tells me that no such file of directory exists. Help please! J
  3. Your above notes suggest that you can't see the disk station outside your lam. Is quick connect setup correctly??
  4. jman

    EXSI questions

    Hmmm that's annoying then! Does any other hyper user software come with the power saving ability?? Ta
  5. jman

    EXSI questions

    Thanks, that's good to know. Question is then, if both are hibernated, does the entire computer hibernate or is it still sat running nothing so to speak??? Will xpenology hibernate on EXSI?? Thanks again
  6. jman

    EXSI questions

    Hello, I own a Zotac bi320 which supports EXSI apparently. Now that's VMs are all the rage, I want to do the following: 1) Run xpenology on 1 vm 2) Run windows 8 on another vm Now question is, both of these should be able to hibernate when not needed, but does EXSI support hibernation for both VMs? Can one hibernate without the other and lastly, if both are in hibernation, does the machine itself go into hibernation or what?? Even more lastly lol, are these both run as baremtal or what? Thank you kindly and sorry for newbie questions J
  7. Hello, Thanks, I then choose 10 and it worked just perfectly! Thanks!
  8. Morning All, Back after such a long hitasus that I cant even remember my login name! Anyway, when trying to install in virtualbox or VMware, each gives me the same error, "Failed to format the disk" Any clues? Setup as a linux 2.6 64bit, bridged network, 1 gig of memory, 2 gigs of HDD space Using XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2 as boot and DSM_DS3615xs_5592.pat as the install Ta J
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