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Large network file transfer performance over SMB



Large file transfers between the VM on the Lenovo TS140 and the HP N54L have historically been limited to approximately 95MB/s by the Gigabit Ethernet link.


I got 10Gigabit NICs for both and have recently got around to testing performance. For the network, iperf3 shows about 9Gbps transfer between the two. The ESXi server happens to have a NVMe drive in addition to hard drives so I used the former for one end of the storage transfer. The HP only has hard drives though it is a modern one and dd writes from /dev/zero occur at 250MB/s and dd reads to /dev/null occur at 150MB/s after flushing the cache.


However, using File Station and a remote CIFS mount to do network transfers from the NVMe to this hard drive bench at around 150MB/s and only 120MB/s in the opposite direction. Should there be that much dropoff or is this not a fair test?


The CPU utilization on the weaker HP remains below 20% os it would seem that drivers and SMB aren't pegging it.


I could add a 2.5" SATA drive to the HP and test with it even though the bays are SATA2 rather than SATA3 but was hoping for some insight from the community first.

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