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Issue with 7 HDD and Sata Controller Card on HP N54L


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I am encountering an issue and I hope that I will find some help here.


I have a HP N54L (with modified BIOS) that I use with ESXI 5.5


Until last week, I was using the following configuration:

4 x 6To HDD plugged on the 4 bays of the HP.

1 250go HDD for the OS (Datastore) plugged on the Sata Port 5.

Everything was working perfectly.


Now, i have just bought 2 new 6To HDD.

I would like to have 7 disks working at the same time (6 for storage, 1 for the OS).


In order to make this possible, I bought a Syba SI-PEX40061 Sata HDD controller card which is supposed to be compatible with the HP N54L as indicated on several forums.


I wanted to have the following configuration:

4 x 6To HDD plugged on the N54L bays

the 250go HDD on the Sata Port 5

the 2 last 6To HDD plugged to the new Syba Sata Controller Card.


Unfortunately, I am not able to make those 2 new disks work.

ESXI is not able to see them.

In other words, when I am trying to add those 2 new disks with RDM in ESXI, I cannot see them listed in /dev/disks


In addition, on the Hard Disks section of the HP Bios, I can see the 2 new disks but their names contains the prefix IDE instead of HDD.

It looks like they are detected as IDE and not AHCI.


In short, I cannot make my new HDD work with ESXI (so Xpenology).


Does someone have an idea for me ?

Is there someone who was able run Xpenology with 6 HDD for storage (excluding the disk used for the OS).

If yes, how ? With a Sata Controller Card ? Which one ?


Thank you for your help.

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