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Extremely slow read speed on HP EX485 with DSM 6.2.3-25426 1.03b loader


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I successfully installed DSM 6.2.3-25426 with 1.03b loader onto my HP EX485 MediaSmart server but after SHR pool was created from my 3x Seagate 1TB disks I noticed extremely very slow read speed from the NAS. Windows shows 350KB/s. Downloading a file of 200Mb from NAS to desktop takes 34 seconds. The writing speed is good around 2MB/s. I have 1Gbit LAN and never had such speeds.  The read speed from another NAS in my network is 2MB/s. Where to dig?

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Hummm, when it happen sure there are some wrong into DSM starting. When it happened to me, and suddenly drop down DSM operation, I ve check all new apps, I tried to uninstall some apps, delete folders and volumes unless , reset once, twice , and if slow performance continue ... reinstall DSM again .... Moreover , I found that its better create a small Volume1 for Essential Soft (apps , virtual machine,etc) on SSD or small HDD, is faster, Volume 2 whit 3.5HDD is better for Big Data , and , if you have possibility to have a SSD Cache, all system became fluid and fast. 

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I also did encountered slow read speeds about 2mbyte/sec inside of a gigabit network. Turned out to be the MTU.


Did switch it to 9000, and now the speed is where it should be, around 110mbyte/sec.

Find it here:

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