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  1. So, as anyone did it , I answer myself. Maybe someone is trying to make a "direct connection" between your computer and xpenology. After two days testing, errors and trying ... I can affirm that a direct connection can be made, and I got triple transfer speed. The most important thing is: 1) hardware speed ethernet (NIC 10G, 5G, 2,5G USB, Thunderbolt adapters or Cards) and 2) SET UP DHCP SERVER in DSM. DSM will do a new IP for your ethernet device and you can connect to Server by Samba... .I increase transferences from 108mb/s to w235-r275 mb/s. (without modem through)
  2. Anyone know if It is possible to build a fast network between a Mac and Syno-xpenology with a direct ethernet connection? Because I’ve a Mac from a 10g thunderbolt OWC ethernet adapter to a USB 2.5 ethernet adapter into Xpeno, but I never reach that two devices connect together (without passthrough Modem) . Of course I won’t passthrough Modem because it’s a No 10g port modem, and I have not a Switch) , I am asking if its possible to mount a fast Net with direct ethernet connection and how have to setup Syno and Mac. thk for suggestion.
  3. Ahhh, thk for this wide information ! I'll try again on a DSM 6.2.3 and I'll test it. best >> Certainly as IG-88 said, Zerotier its a normal soft capable to instal into 3617xs (and other Syno models) . In this case "zerotier_broadwell-6.1_1.4.0.spk" into DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 works perfectly .(What do yo could do with Zerotier "its another virtual world to discover)
  4. I'm confirming impossible to make BOND (dual LAN) under Synology Virtual Machine with the same soft as you (DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2) >> (by cause only ONE Virtual vSwitch free, maybe pay VMM can do it) .. "Zerotier" app (open source free) could be possible make a BOND or use easily several LAN together , but Zerotier driver Synology reach now up to 6.2.0 , so you should downgrade. could you see there
  5. Report >> for xpeno on gigabyte B365, 1 NIC ethernet Realtek 1) After Upgrade from DSM3617xs 24922 (6.2.2) to 25426 (DSM 6.2.3) USB2.5gb NIC became missing . 2) Replace extra.lzma (Version 2019/2020) working ok on 24922, with original old extra.lzma (1/8/18) and USB2.5 NIC Works again on 3617xs > 3) Two LAN are running OK (one in intel eth one in usb)
  6. Outcome of the installation/update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3 - 25426 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Gigabyte b365m -ie 8100 - Additional comment: Reboot required
  7. thk so much, I've reading all threats about, but I was a bit confuse with extra2.lzma. I understood.
  8. Hi IG-88, Should I put extra2.lzma too, inside bootloader 1.03b, DS3617xs (6.2.3) working by USBnet Realtek ??
  9. I've did a lot of test trying clone an boot-loader USB Stick (baremetal DSM 6.2.x/Jun bootloader) working ok. News USBs boot works without change PID/VID and nothing, with different usb brands (SD, USB, Flash) Under Windows / add software ; Mini-Tool >> exactly tools are a bit hidden inside Mini-Tool, because there are three ways to copy/clone a disk, but only one works. Have to open SHADOW MAKER (tool inside Mini-Tool) >> go to "TOOLS" button, and only this button open CLONE DISK utility.(Works similiar CC Cloner from Mac, on left you have "original pendriv
  10. I've made a Clone USB, without change VID=PID and nothing, and it works. Post its originally in Spanish, but its easy to understand. >>
  11. Hi IG-88, 1) where I find extra.lzma what are compiled Realtek driver for 2.5gb for my 3617xs? 2) What we can do , if Realtek lunch a new USB NIC Linux driver for kernel up to 5.6 ? (do you thk its easy to compile it?)
  12. I found error, some Linux version doesnt works with Virtual Machine, you've to install the exactly version . Works in my case others compatibilities on Synology
  13. Contesto a mí misma para quien siga el hilo en español. Los gurus "IG-88" y "bearcat" han respondido esta pregunta de arriba en inglés. El adaptador funciona bien con un driver spk que está en el repositorio git-hub (hay varios drivers y depende del CPU que tengas en el NAS Xpenology), sin embargo IG-88 sugiere su extra.lzma que también lo contiene editando el grub. Como soy novata a mi me fue más sencillo instalar manualmente el driver de git-hub desde el Centro de Paquetes de Xpenology. Funciona bien, aunque no he logrado hasta ahora que el Virtual Machine logre detectar la red, aunque