Tutorial : How to combine default Surveillance stations licenses on one server.

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Please note : -

  1. You must have at least one Synology DS (with legitimate serial number to make it work). This DS will act as a host for all licenses
  2. Surveillance Station version must same on all the servers.


1. Set up a host server
The host server controls all surveillance services on recording servers. Users can view videos, send and receive notifications, and manage all default or purchased device licenses.

Sign in to the server.
Go to Surveillance Station > Application Center and run CMS.
Go to CMS > Advanced, select Host server mode, and click Save.

2. Set up recording servers
Recording servers are the remote servers that record videos. You can add them manually or by search:

Set up recording servers by search:

On the host server, go to Surveillance Station > CMS > Recording Server and click Add > Add server.
Click the Search icon, find your target server, and click Enable.
Enter the user name and password and click OK.
Confirm that your server is now in recording server mode and click OK.
Check the required information, test the connection, and click Next.
Edit the advanced settings and click Finish. Do not tick Prevent users on this recording server from making changes to it if you would like to operate on this server afterwards.
Repeat steps 1 to 6 until you've added all recording servers.


See below screenshot, I have once DS214Play (Host) and the second one my recording server is Xepnology HP Z800 :)

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