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  1. Doesn't make any difference it still detects it as 3615
  2. I know but DSM wouldn't let me configure these drives in raid config or was not even letting me use them standalone, see my post above. I had to go this way as my HP Z800 was displaying these two as non raid drives (while booting). As soon as I configured them in raid in BIOS everything worked like a charm and DSM happily let me put those drives in a raid 1 config which was what I wanted
  3. Please note : - You must have at least one Synology DS (with legitimate serial number to make it work). This DS will act as a host for all licenses. Surveillance Station version must same on all the servers. 1. Set up a host server The host server controls all surveillance services on recording servers. Users can view videos, send and receive notifications, and manage all default or purchased device licenses. Sign in to the server. Go to Surveillance Station > Application Center and run CMS. Go to CMS > Advanced, select Host server mode, and click S
  4. Changed my CPUs and trying to rerun the script giving out following Syntax. I removed the backup folder from root directory before attempting this. Any advice, does this work on 6.2.3 Update 3? And the info updates is also strange? No details it just says Undefined? 2 CPUs = Correct Threads = 8, this is incorrect as it should says 24 Threads No information about the cores?
  5. Enable firewall and open only the ports you need or using. There are tons of tutorials on youtube on this.
  6. OK got everything working. I noticed when I rebooted my HP Z800 I could see Non Raid Disk against my both new 4TB drives. I setup raid by going into BIOS RAID admin utility (ctrl + I). Booted into DSM could configure drives in Raid 1 without any issue.
  7. I used removed to drives from SAS ports and plugged them in SATA port I can see the these are 3.67TB capacity drives but now DSM is not letting me create the volume. System failed to create [Storage Pool 2](Device Type is [RAID 1]) with disk [Drive 2, Drive 3]. I tried to create storage pool with just one drive still the same System failed to create [Storage Pool 2](Device Type is [Basic]) with disk [Drive 2].
  8. Thanks for your response and help again, I'll try to play around with the ports tonight and update how did it go.
  9. Hi Xpenologist, I bought 2x4TB WD Red NAS drives for and added them in my DS3615xs (HP Z800 ) but as I am using MBR version of loader System is telling me each drive is 2TB only. did a little search on this and found that its due to MBR and max size is 2TB only. Any way/workaround to fix this? Thanks and Regards
  10. Hi, Can I request for MBR version for Loader 1.03 for DS3617 please? I am currently running 1.03 MBR version by @Big_11 on my HP Z800 Dual CPU (12 Cores/24 Threads) 64GB Ram for XS3615 but as the kernel has nnumber of cores limitation I need of migrate to XS3517. For this, this I need the MBR version of loader as my HP machine is not booting with any other loader other than MBR one, I have tried it legacy mode to no luck. Any suggestion? Regards
  11. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFULL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03b (MBR Version by Big_11) DS3615XS - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: BAREMETAL - HP Z800 Intel Xeon CPU - Additional comment: Pluged in new USB with v1.03b loader, downloaded and installed the update automatically (No manual update). Rebooted to latest DSM version.