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  1. @fbelavenuto do you mind sharing your donation link in the signature? Don't want to be a pure leecher here, just want to buy you a coffee so that you can stay awake and active to help us with ARPL 😄
  2. Yes I have read about the difference multiple times in your posts too, What I meant to say was I have was on TCRP originally and never had any issue, I didn't change any thing in my PC no new Hdd added but this time TCRP couldn't pickup all the drives which ARPL did in the first boot. I am still not sure if I should't stick to ARPL, I have seen slow booth complains with ARPL but to me both modes boots almost the same. I am happy at least my data is still there , I am going back to TCRP again to see if I can get all my drives working again there.
  3. ok I am not sure how but I tried ARPL and all the drive showed up with all the data, the only issue was at first booth I had to reinstall DSM which formatted the system drive. which means I lost all the installed applications.
  4. Thanks alot for your help, we are getting there I rebuilt the loader and now I can see the storage pool atleast which has the info of my two drives but drives are still missing. Previously I couldn't see the storage pool or any info of the drives Regarding StatportMap, yes modified it manually in user_config.json when DSM didn't see two of drives after first built.
  5. I changed the the Sata port Map to 6 ("SataPortMap": "1",) as this was what in the old config files, which was working fine with 4 drives before. I messed up that USB settings while running the update. "model": "DS3622xs+", "version": "7.1.1-42962", "smallfixnumber": "0", "zimghash": "8903dc99f7201c8656de618d767c05f91bfd32edd9a3706a50fd223237842bf2", "rdhash": "432f315818adad4e1ca54040557e164caf2937004e2d009aac8865391353e2f6", "usb_line": "withefi earlyprintk syno_hw_version=DS3622xs+ console=ttyS0,115200n8 netif_num=1 pid=0x5567 earlycon=uart8250,io,0x3f8,115200n8 syno_port_thaw=1 mac1=0011322951FD sn=2150SQRS09KRC vid=0x0781 elevator=elevator loglevel=15 "sata_line": "withefi earlyprintk syno_hw_version=DS3622xs+ console=ttyS0,115200n8 netif_num=1 pid=0x5567 earlycon=uart8250,io,0x3f8,115200n8 synoboot_satadom=1 syno_port_thaw=1 mac1=0011322951FD sn=2150SQRS09KRC vid=0x0781 elevator= "redpillmake": "prod", "friendautoupd": "true", "hidesensitive": "false" }, "ipsettings": { "ipset": "", "ipaddr": "", "ipgw": "", "ipdns": "", "ipproxy": "" }, "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x5567", "vid": "0x0781", "sn": "2150SQRS09KRC", "mac1": "2C27D7EEBFB3", "netif_num": "1", "SataPortMap": "1", "DiskIdxMap": "00" }, "synoinfo": { "internalportcfg": "0xffff", "maxdisks": "16", "support_bde_internal_10g": "no", "support_disk_compatibility": "no", "support_memory_compatibility": "no" }, "ramdisk_copy": {}
  6. thanks for your help, Just to provide you confusing update Now I can see two new DSs one is my existing one, I got all the settings back but not all the data still two drives (1 Storage pool is missing) Second is this one which I am not sure why I am even seeing this?
  7. executing the command did fix the upgrade issue but IP is still not detected. This is HP Z800 built-in NIC and I have been using it with TCRP without any issue.
  8. Thanks for that, that did go through but now I am having issue with recovering my data and setting, when I boot with the loader on the screen I see this find.synology.com gets me here and tells me to recover the data when the process start it goes from 1% to 100% in few seconds and its reboots again to same recovery screen.
  9. Thanks for your help I thought the same and changed to ./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.1.1-42962 which is quite different to tutorial, it worked to build the loader but after booting with the loader I still don't have any luck to get the DSM up fins.synology.com finds nothing.
  10. I managed to break working loader in attempt to add withfriend option I have used this tutorial before without any problem but I today I am building new loader using latest TCRP version but on this line I am getting error ./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.0.1-42218
  11. When I am running this command ./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.1.1-42962 withfriend it says platform now found ? Can you please help?
  12. Hi, Can I use this ARPL to update by DSM using GUI on the fly?
  13. i have a quick question regarding TCRP loader, what are the hardware limitations on this loader ? I am using loader for DS3622+ I have upgraded my HPZ800 to XEON processor with 64GB ram and running 4 windows VMs of course I am not running all of them simultaneously. the question now is, DS3622+ officially supports upto only 48G of RAM I have already installed 64 so just curious can I add more what the limitation on it?
  14. Hi @flyride, thanks for your response, but strangely there was no repair option on the overview in storage manager. So I just deactivated one of these two drives, rebooted the the server and then I could see 1. my Pool was degraded and there was an option to repair the pool. 2. In drives section one drive (which was deactivated) was now in uninitialized normal state I initiliased the drive and repaired the storage pool it took few hours to do that. once it was done, a repair option appeared on overview page to repair the "system partition failed" for remaining drive. I clicked that and it repaired everything in 5 mins
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