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New install on custom server


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Hi everyone, I have a custom built 20bay chassis, supermicro X9DRi-LN4F, 32gb ddr3 ram, dual xeon e5-2650L cpus, 20x 10tb drives and Mellanox 10gb DAS card. What is the best way to install Xpenology on this hardware and it actually work? I am messing with TrueNAS right now and just don't like the interface. I'm used to QNAP and Synology OS's. Thanks!

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way to overpowered as just a nas aka data tank

one cpu and even half the ram would be more then enough

as the cpu's are sandy bridge 918+ is not possible and with 8 core + HT its 3617

if you insist of 2xcpu you would need to disable HT to make use of all 16 cores as 16 is the max we can use with xpenology



as its persuably uefi bios you will have to use csm mode and non uefi usb boot device when using loader 1.03b and dsm 6.2.3

if you have trouble just try (practive with) loader 1.02b and dsm 6.1 as it can be run with uefi and csm/legacy


for 20 sata ports there has to be additional controllers, not everything is working, lsi sas 92xx/93xx in IT mode might be a good choice

as 12 ports are the default max. with 3615/3617 you will need to manually tweak synoinfo.conf after installing and would need to redo that after bigger installs (might nver come for 6.2 ever as 7.0 is about to launch) - you should read about that before jumping into it, starting with a broken raid can make people nervous even if it will be allright (usually) after fixing the synoinfo.conf


depending on side quests you have (like vm's) it might be better to use the hardware with esxi and dsm as vm and have other vm's too an esxi




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