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I'm running ESXi 5.5, DSM 5.0-4528 Nanoboot


I want to keep my system current and am already 2 versions behind.


Some questions -


Do I have to go to DSM 5.1 then 5.2 or can I jump right to 5.2?

My NAS vmdk is a 2TB VMFS. Should I just disconnect (edit settings of VM and remove the hdisk) the VMDK during the upgrade process to make sure nothing crazy happens to my data VMDK then reconnect it once my upgrade is complete?

I looks like I need to change from Nanoboot to xpenoboot. Do I just replace the nanoboot 32MB vmdk with the new xpenoboot vmdk and reboot? Then select the install/upgrade option then load the pat file?


Sorry seems like quite a few moving parts and I have some very important data behind Xpenology would hate to have to restore everything from backup by messing up the upgrade process.


Thanks a lot for any help.

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I'm following this thread closely. I've also got nanoboot with 5.0-4482. I very much would like to move to the XPEnoboot option but am not sure if it's as simple as downloading it to my USB and clicking upgrade on boot. I don't have a whole lot of important things on the array so I may just give it a shot. Though the mention of notifications not working does worry me a bit.



Mine is a physical machine though. It overheats when I rsync large files so I think the fan/heatsink is dying and needs replacing. Once that's done I'll see if I can find time to upgrade to XPEnoboot.

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I did the upgrade last night. Everything gone well, better than expected and all my data and configuration was migrated. As BrianAz says is as simple as putting the new USB with the image of XPEnoboot and applying the .pat, at least in my case.


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