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FS3600 or SA3600?


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I am looking to install FS3600 or SA3600 .pat files. I am wondering if the will recognize all the CPU cores. I have 2 (Intel Xeon X5670 6-Core 2.93GHz 12MB LGA1366 with Hyper-threading) in this machine; HP Proliant DL360 G6, or should I just utilize the 12 cores and install a .pat file that will work for those? Which boot loader should i attempt? I am going to be using this as a gaming server.


   If you need more info on any and/or all of this idea. Please ask.


 Link to Processor:



CPU for synology units:


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16 minutes ago, DBD73 said:

Which boot loader should i attempt?

1.03b 3617, only unit supporting more then 8 cores atm


you might also start reading to faq as you dont seem to be aware of the limits imposed (we cant just choose a dsm type we want to install, its bound to the ones we have loaders for)



also important is the storage controller you have/choose, original p400/p410 are not a good choice as it they can#t make disk available as single raw disks like in a hba mode

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