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BSD or Linux on Synology hardware


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I'm working on running a clean version of BSD/linux on Synology hardware, namely DS620slim. It's a 6-wide box based on Intel Apollo Lake platform. Overall successful, now I have a FreeBSD 13-CURRENT running on DS620slim, but there are several problems:

1) All 6 AHCI channels visible, but no power on SATA drives. As I undestand, in DSM some driver (or service?) can manage disks power, which one? Power management is implemented through the i2c bus, or am I wrong? Is there any sources of this software?

2) No PWM and LEDs driver - the status led is always blinking, the fan is always running full speed. What driver does this in DSM?

3) UART console does not work. Similarly, no Intel PCI-UART driver in FreeBSD. :(

In general, the 2nd and 3rd problems are not so important, the main thing is to understand how to manage the power of the disks so that they spin up.

Thanks for advices

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