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Hey there,


i suddenly got a problem with my XPEnology, which was working very well for the last few months.


I'm still able to boot it up and log in via the XPEnoboot. The harddrive is still connected, so my backups and webcam records are still saved frequently, i can connect to it and f.e. watch a recorded film.


The Synology Assistent though is not showing the DiskStation at any point, also i'm not able to connect to it via 192.168.X.X:5000.


So i can't change any options, i can't add any harddrives, etc.


Does anyone know how to solve that problem?

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your diskstation was propably updated to 5.2.

You Need a new USB Diskimage and maybe a clean Install without data Loss.


That was it man, thank you very much. After updating my USB Disk to 5.2-5565 everything seems to be working fine again. I don't know why it updated by itself, at least it looks that way.


Thanks again!!

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