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Dont start up i think


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43 minutes ago, IG-88 said:

you did not give any (useful) information what you have used/done , like loader version, dsm type, dsm version or information about your hardware


I dont have a idea i used this video: 
My specks:

AMD A8-6600k

1x 160 SSD


1x 2TB HHD

Gitabyte GA-F2-A88XM-HD3

My problem is that when i try to start up it says this: https://ibb.co/N7PYz1x 


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from the video you did use its dsm 5.2 and the loader looks also like this as the recent one does not have that kind of screen output (just a start message and then all output goes to the serial port)

i'd suggest you read the faq and have a look at the tutorial section and use the recent loader 1.03b/1.04b and dsm 6.2.3

if you want a video then look for one that uses dsm 6.2 as install base


the ssd is more or less useless as dsm does install the system on every disk (as raid1, see the faq) and ssd as cache with one drive it will be just a read cache and that will not have much effect in normal home use scenarios, maybe you find a besser use for it and the free sata port can be used for one more disk (later)


if you wonder about the normal install process in the gui or with the syslogy assistant you can look that stuff up in synologys knolage base, when the loader is working as it should you have the same process as a original box of installing (if you cant find it in network or it complains about "no disk" then the loader settings needs to be checked), best you delete all partitions of the disks you use for installing dsm to


you cpu should work with loader 1.04b for 918+ and as this supports uefi (and csm) it will be easier to get working

if you use loader 1.03b (for 3615 or 3617) keep in mind its for csm mode only and also it needs to boot from the non uefi usb boot device

also check that sata is set to ahci in bios (not ide or raid)







(thats kind of special as newer win10 version will not allow easy access to the partitons of the loader)



(the last one is for 6.1 but its all the same only newer loader and dsm 6.2 is used)


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