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Upgraded VM to 5.1.-5055.1 - issue? [SOLVED]


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I recently upgrade my VM from 5.1-5022.3 to 5.1-5055.1 using the new VMDK and .pat file


On boot I receive these messages (see pics)





Xpenology is work ok - no issues, should I be worried?


All help and advice appreciated



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Thanks for the reply - appreciated


Regarding - "but hadn't upgraded the firmware DSM. Soon as I upgraded DSM, they went away"


My Synology GUI says -


Current DSM version - DSM 5.1-5055

DSM Date: 2015/05/12


Is there a way I can force the DSM upgrade again? I tried to run the upgrade/update option on boot up - still get those errors.

I also tried to go back to 5.1.-5022.x and apply the .pat file - wouldnt recognise the .pat file

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