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Need a little bit help with transmission and tv shows


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Dear all,


First of all i'm happy to be a new member of your company and i would like to thank you in advance because all of your tutorials helped me so much to get involved in XPenology!!!


I would to like some help on a problem that i'm facing the last 2 days. I want to use transmission instead of native download station (my opinion is that the native app is not so good) in order to download tv shows and movies. But i want this one to do it automatically. And if it is possible to download each file to the correct folder (such as Volume1/transmission/downloads/series/arrow/... )


I've read that this one could be achieved using showrss, flexget and transmission. Would you like to guide me in order to achieve this?


Thank you in advance!!

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Hi argate7, I think you really need to do a little bit more research.


Transmission is a great low resource torrent application especially on lightweight systems like the Pogoplug and RPi, but the built-in DSM Download Station application works well and should do exactly what you want.


Check out the following: http://www.crisi.ch/automatically-download-torrents-with-your-synology-nas-and-downloadstation/


and when you are feeling brave: http://www.crisi.ch/sickrage-on-synology-nas/ (This is the current solution I use and it works well).

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Until your post i didn't know that sickrage exists. The only package that i knew was sickbeard. These 2 packages are similar or sickrage is better than sickbeard? May i use this one with transmission? And is it possible to auto-sort the downloaded files to the correct folders?

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I need your help in order to fix a problem (not actually in sickbeard, maybe in my mind).


I want sickbeard custom or sickrage (whatever) move the downloaded files to the correct folder.


For example..


If a download an "Arrow" episode i want to move this file to move to the /Volume1/Transmission/downloads/Series/Arrow/ .

If a download a "Suits" episode i want to move this file to move to the /Volume1/Transmission/downloads/Series/Suits/ .



Is this possible??


I would like also to ask you where can i find what time is my sickrage running? Do i have to create a cron job to do this or it can be done from sickrage?

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