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  1. Hi, is there a particular reason that you want to use a NUC with the Xpenology/DSM software? The thread you linked to clearly has the user running Xpenology/DSM on an HP N54L Microserver. He is using a NUC with XBMC (probably attached to a TV) to playback his media from the Xpenology server. There no inherent problem running Xpenology/DSM on the NUC, but the beauty of the DSM software is the storage management features. For example, if you were to attach an eSATA JBOD/RAID enclosure with 4 X 4TB HDD, it would be presented as single 16TB drive to the DSM software and any redunancy/rec
  2. Hi argate7, I think you really need to do a little bit more research. Transmission is a great low resource torrent application especially on lightweight systems like the Pogoplug and RPi, but the built-in DSM Download Station application works well and should do exactly what you want. Check out the following: http://www.crisi.ch/automatically-download-torrents-with-your-synology-nas-and-downloadstation/ and when you are feeling brave: http://www.crisi.ch/sickrage-on-synology-nas/ (This is the current solution I use and it works well).
  3. Thanks M3KK! I got VirtualBox and Windows 8 installed as a VM. Very easy solution to my situation!
  4. Hi, I want to upgrade my current baremetal install of DSM 5.0-4493 to the latest version 5.1-5022, and convert it to an ESXi setup. Is it possible to go from a baremetal setup to an ESXi one? An ESXi setup interests me because I want to run a Windows 8 VM to use for remote access via TeamViewer and other specific tasks (i.e. ripping CDs/Blu-ray Discs, etc.). If map the HDDs that I currently have using RDM, would I be able to migrate them from my current setup without losing data? I will be using the current hardware listed in my sig. I also have a 128GB SSD that can be used for d
  5. I agree with koolvn. It sounds like a hardware problem. I had problems with the wifi throughput/dropped connection on my linksys gigabit router. It turns out that it was overheating and then dropping the wifi connection. I had to open the housing and strap on a fan to cool it. That fixed the dropped wifi signal and even the wired connection throughput increased. Good luck with your troubleshooting!
  6. Thanks guys, followed your instructions and was able to update!
  7. Lol, I have to agree with Schnapps. I read the OPs post a couple of days ago and had no clue what he was talking about. Anyhow, it seems like your download folder location might be the problem. Make sure that Download Station's destination folder is set to a folder on your storage volume (not the usbshare1).
  8. rdm

    ESXi vs bare metal

    Hi koolvn, remember that initial account that you setup when installing DSM was an administrator account that has full access to files, folders, settings, etc. In order to restrict access to shared folders, like the "usbshare1", you will need to create an additional user account during which you will be able to select the specific folders that the account has access to and the level of access (i.e. read only, read/write, etc).
  9. Hi down_shift, I recently took the plunge and installed xpenology on my htpc (see my sig for hardware specs). The installation is fairly easy. So my first recommendation is to try a test installation on the hardware you already have, if possible. I tested out the DSM 5.0 on my gaming rig (Intel i7-3770K CPU, MSI z77 MPower Motherboard, a HDD, and a USB stick) prior to deploying it on the current machine. It will allow you to get a feel for the DSM 5.0 and the specific uses you might have for it. After my initial testing, I realized that DSM 5.0 was very efficient. It doesn't nee
  10. Thanks Elpee for your feedback.
  11. rdm

    Noob System Build

    The on-board LAN, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 ports work. I have my USB flash drive (with nanoboot) and a USB receiver for my logitech mouse and keyboard connected to the USB 2.0 ports. They were detected and run fine. I also connected a 1TB mobile HDD to the USB 3.0 ports, and it is detected. It is accessible via file station as a usbshare. I will try the WOL feature later. I verified that the MAC address from the onboard NIC is being reported correctly (using nanoboot), and I also defined a unique serial number for my system. I think these are crucial steps to get the WOL going. I'm c
  12. Hi guys, I just wanted your opinions if it would be worth it to use a single separate HDD for downloads/temporary storage? I'm not sure how much wear torrents and usenet downloads will do to my 4 x 3TB SHR array (i.e. preventing spin down and sleep of the drives).
  13. rdm

    Noob System Build

    Hi, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I received the system that I mentioned in the original post, but the case was damaged in shipping. I decided to return it to the seller. However, I have an HTPC I built last year, and I was able to convert that to use as my xpenology box. Here are the specs: CASE: Bitfenix Prodigy MB: ASUS P8H77-I CPU: Intel Celeron G1610 2.6 GHz RAM: ADATA 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz PSU: Corsair CX430M HDD: 4 x 3TB Seagate ST3000DM001(9TB available, SHR) I'm running a baremetal install of DSM 5.0 using nanoboot. It's been up for 2 days now
  14. rdm

    Noob System Build

    Thanks for your quick reply. I'm excited to try out XPEnology. At the moment, I think the 4 onboard sata connectors will be enough. However, I really wanted USB 3.0 capability to attach an external HDD for back up purposes. It seems possible to mount one (maybe two) 2.5" drives in the case. That is why I was exploring a combo USB3/SATA expansion card. I found a syba card on newegg that someone seems to have gotten to work with XPEnology: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6815124130 I may order that after I get a chance to play with the system for a bit.
  15. rdm

    Noob System Build

    Hi everyone! I recently (accientally/impulsively) purchased a system off of ebay that someone setup to run FreeNAS. As I wait for it to arrive, I'm exploring alternatives to FreeNAS, and that's how I found XPEnology. The DSM 5.0 software looks amazing and more suited to my needs (i.e. expandable storage pool, easy to use interface, mobile apps, etc.) . I'd like your help in knowing whether the DSM 5.0 can run on this system. Here are the system specs: Case: Norco S4 Black Mini-ITX Storage Case Motherboard: Intel S1200KPR Server Board Processor: Intel Celeron Processor G530