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  1. Hi to everyone!! I would like to share with you my latest experience with my home dsm... First of all, it should be better to mention that my custom build is with an ASRock Q1900-ITX with 6.1.7 15284. Everything worked fine until a year ago when the first problems appeared. Those were not so important and i ignored them. But now that i want to make some extra tasks this become frustrated. The first problem is that the text editor is not working. I cannot open existing files in order to edit them. The second problem is when i open in security the Ce
  2. The solution that worked for my was to do the following. I upgraded from 6.1.5 to 6.1.7. Uninstall php 5.6, php 7.2, phpmyadmin, mariadb 5, mariadb 10, apache 2.2, apache 2.4. Install php 5.6, phpmyadmin, php 7.2, mariadb 5, mariadb 10, apache 2.2, apache 2.4 with that sequence. That solved my problem. I hope that my post should help other people too.
  3. Yesterday I was trying to install composer and all the other parts that are needed for a larval installation in order to get my apps developer over there.. I had several problems that I had to faced but today I faced the most strange problem. What was that? I can access the phpmyadmin starting page but with no login form and with the following message "MariaDB 5 or MariaDB 10 is stopped or has not been installed. Please check the package on your DSM first.". Could anyone help me in order to figure this out and keep trying to install the laravel? Thank e
  4. Finally I achieved to fix the problem. What was I doing wrong, is that I didn’t put the blank hdd to SATA 1. I did this and everything is ok now!! Thank you for your time and I want to thank mostly the forum for its important information!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have the same problem with yours. How did you managed to get all your data. What is my case? I had two hdds with data. The one was used to contain both the OS and some data. The other was used to contain personal data. I'm using as suggested a blank hdd. When i connect the blank and the hdd with personal data, i can see the contents of the hdd data. When i connect back the hdd with the old OS, i'm getting the recover process and after that the DSM is not working and is not accessible from the lan.
  6. So many tries but always the same result. When I connect the HD’s that had previously the os of my dsm, the dsm is not working. If I connect only the second hdd (this one with the photos only), it is working properly. Is there anything I can do in order to get back my dsm or is it possible to update to 6.2 without losing anything?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I've got 2 hdds 3tb each one. I plugged them out. Plugged in an old 1tb to do the stuff..Working ok. Plugged in one 3tb hdd which was only for photo backup and still working. When i plugged in the other 3tb which probably has the old synology software,it is not working.
  8. Finally, I managed to overcome this error. What's the situation at the moment?? When I plug out the hdd and plug in the 2 hdd that i want, then I reboot the DSM but the find.synology cannot find the DSM. When I plug in again the empty hdd I can access the web interface of the DSM. Can anyone tell me what is going on??
  9. I'm getting all the time the following error "Failed to install the file. The file is probably corrupted.(13) ".
  10. Hi all, Earlier i tried remotely to update the DSM from 6.1.xx to the latest update that my machine found from the control panel. I decided to download it and then give it a try. What is the problem now? That i cannot get in the web interface of my DSM. I tried ping to see if there is any problem from a teamviewer to my pc (cause i'm in the office at the moment) and nothing. Can i save the situation now? Or this is irreversible and i lost all of my data? Does it need to connect to a monitor to see what are my options during boot?
  11. Here we are... I had a problem with my mp4s that i wanted to convert them in mp3 and then synchronize them with ds audio. Synchronization was not working and that's the reason that i have a command to do this because i hadn't the new songs on my iphone. #!/bin/bash for file in /volume1/music/* do mv "$file" "${file// /_}" done MP4FILE=$(ls /volume1/music/ |sed -e 's/ /_/g') for filename in $MP4FILE do if echo "$filename" | grep -q '.mp4$'; then name=`echo "$filename" | sed -e "s/.mp4$//g"` ffmpeg -i /volume1/music/$filename -b:a 192K -vn /volume1/music/$name.mp3 rm /volume1/music/
  12. Maybe the settings that you had in these applications caused the problem. Both couchpotato and sickbeard need python (as i remember, if i am wrong please forgive me) and both of them execute something like cron job that do not allow your diskstation to hibernate.
  13. Maybe i'm wrong but check if you have wake on lan. This may cause the restart. It is just like some device want to access your nas and this provoke the restart. This is the first think that came to my mind. Check this both on dsm and bios settings and then we'll see next step! Good luck!