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  1. Here we are... I had a problem with my mp4s that i wanted to convert them in mp3 and then synchronize them with ds audio. Synchronization was not working and that's the reason that i have a command to do this because i hadn't the new songs on my iphone. #!/bin/bash for file in /volume1/music/* do mv "$file" "${file// /_}" done MP4FILE=$(ls /volume1/music/ |sed -e 's/ /_/g') for filename in $MP4FILE do if echo "$filename" | grep -q '.mp4$'; then name=`echo "$filename" | sed -e "s/.mp4$//g"` ffmpeg -i /volume1/music/$filename -b:a 192K -vn /volume1/music/$name.mp3 rm /volume1/music/$filename ../../usr/syno/bin/synoindex -a ../../volume1/music/$name.mp3 else echo "problem" fi done What does this one do?? It search for all mp4 files of my folder music under volume1. Then i convert all the blank spaces of the mp4's title to undescores. After that i convert them to mp3 files and then i delete the mp4 files of my folder. If everything will be OK, i execute a command to synchronize the audio station with the help of synoindex. I hope that this one will help some people who want something like this!! Have a nice day!!
  2. argate7

    Can't shutdown NAS

    Maybe the settings that you had in these applications caused the problem. Both couchpotato and sickbeard need python (as i remember, if i am wrong please forgive me) and both of them execute something like cron job that do not allow your diskstation to hibernate.
  3. argate7

    Can't shutdown NAS

    Maybe i'm wrong but check if you have wake on lan. This may cause the restart. It is just like some device want to access your nas and this provoke the restart. This is the first think that came to my mind. Check this both on dsm and bios settings and then we'll see next step! Good luck!
  4. I would like to ask you if it is possible to backup the whole system with its settings and packages with packages' settings to an external drive in order to use the "restore from backup" to a new internal hdd in case the hdd that i currently have will get crashed. Is this possible? If it is, can you give me a guide or some help to do this?
  5. Finally i managed to get out of bash. Firstly in bash i execute "source profile" and that helped me to get out of bash and then from my machine i execute ipkg remove bash and that's it. After that everything is back!!
  6. I have a huge problem... I tried to follow your guide but unfortunately i didn't manage to success.. The problem that i have now is that i login via ssh and instead of "" it has "bash-3.2#". How can i revert back to my machine?
  7. Hi, Is there any possibility to create a custom sh or any available package to control the fan speed?? I've got spectre pro pwm but I cannot use them in my mobo. So I would like to create a custom sh to control fans. Is there any way to do that??
  8. As far as I know this is not real. It is working with your i7 but it shows i3. Do not have this in your mind... It I ok.
  9. Hi to all, I would like to ask you if there is any way to monitor to lcd hdd storage, IP address and other things to an xpenology setup. I want to add an lcd 20x4 to my bitfenix prodigy case. Is is possible to do this? Would you suggest me an lcd display? Where I can find drivers or package to do this? Thank you in advance!
  10. Hi, I need your help in order to fix a problem (not actually in sickbeard, maybe in my mind). I want sickbeard custom or sickrage (whatever) move the downloaded files to the correct folder. For example.. If a download an "Arrow" episode i want to move this file to move to the /Volume1/Transmission/downloads/Series/Arrow/ . If a download a "Suits" episode i want to move this file to move to the /Volume1/Transmission/downloads/Series/Suits/ . etc.. Is this possible?? I would like also to ask you where can i find what time is my sickrage running? Do i have to create a cron job to do this or it can be done from sickrage?
  11. I found this one ( which explains exactly why everyone should use sickrage instead of sickbeard! And this one ( explains the process of setting up sickrage on synology! I'll test it when i get back home from office and i'll try to figure this out!
  12. Until your post i didn't know that sickrage exists. The only package that i knew was sickbeard. These 2 packages are similar or sickrage is better than sickbeard? May i use this one with transmission? And is it possible to auto-sort the downloaded files to the correct folders?
  13. Nope.. This is not an automated system for transmission.. As I was searching over the internet, I found the following ... ionshowRSS Could someone tell me how could I find and edit the files?? From file station I cannot find them.
  14. Dear all, First of all i'm happy to be a new member of your company and i would like to thank you in advance because all of your tutorials helped me so much to get involved in XPenology!!! I would to like some help on a problem that i'm facing the last 2 days. I want to use transmission instead of native download station (my opinion is that the native app is not so good) in order to download tv shows and movies. But i want this one to do it automatically. And if it is possible to download each file to the correct folder (such as Volume1/transmission/downloads/series/arrow/... ) I've read that this one could be achieved using showrss, flexget and transmission. Would you like to guide me in order to achieve this? Thank you in advance!!