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XPEnology on a remote dedicated server (ESXi - Online.net)


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Hi Guys,


I have been browsing through the forum for a while now but haven't found an answer to my question.


Short preface. I have Synology DS213j running at home for over a year and I love it - it has everything that I need (filesharing, photos, movies, mail, etc). After googling I have found that there is a community version, which gives an opportunity to install it on your own hardware.


At the moment, I have a dedicated server with a French dedi provider Online.net. They have a template on how to install ESXi for virtualisation. After following the tutorials on http://xpenology.nl, I have managed to boot with XPEnoboot image with no issues.


However, due to the server being completely outside my home network, I cannot use Synology Assistant to complete the installation and upload DSM software onto the server. My server has only 1 IP address and pointing my browser to that IP doesn't help much (connection refused as my laptop is connecting to the ESXi server).


I have been wondering if anyone has managed to install XPEnology on a remote server in a similar manner? Perhaps you have some tips or ways how I could bypass the requirement of having a server within my home network (e.g. site-to-site VPN). Basically, any help/information is warmly welcome!



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I never use the Synology Assistant software. I always use the webclient at the IP address of the DSM's VM.


If you only have access to the IP for managing ESXI, then why not install windows/linux in a VM and use the console of that VM to open up a browser at the IP of the DSM VM, or use the Assistant software (if you go with windows)?

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