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  1. I used to be there, but no more. Here's how to do it with one additional IP FailOver and an opensource firewall VM: PfSense http://forum.online.net/index.php?/topi ... c/?p=25923 Use google translate for the French tutorial and adapt it to your setup. And also use a separate Windows VM for Synology Assistant as Diverge suggests.
  2. heliox

    XPEnology.nl down?

    Seems ok now.
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    Serveur dédié OVH, Online,...

    Voici les tutos. Beaucoup de lecture en perspective: - [Tuto] ESXI & PfSense comme firewall - Install Synology DSM 5.0 (4493) (ESXi / Non ESXI) Et si ça ne suffit pas: PfSense 2 on VMware ESXi 5 Bon courage!
  4. Not being alarmist but I got some chinese visitors yesterday on my virtual NAS running this, behind a PfSense firewall. I haven't got enough knowledge to tell if it's my dedicated server's security gap or this DSM's
  5. Deployed it on a remote dedicated server under ESXi 5.1. Followed every step given here, worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!