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DSM6.2 BareMetal to ESXi 6.7


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Hello all,


Until now I had a HP Microserver N54L with BareMetal DSM 6.2.2 ans Jun 1.03b (DS3615XS) with 4 HDD.


I just bought a HP Microserver Gen8 G1610T and putted in the 4 HDD who were in Gen7.


Beyond the fact that is not possible to run DSM 6.2.2 with native NIC, is there a way to.. How to say.. Retrieve the whole BareMetal configuration of my Gen7, but on my new Gen8 into ESXi6.7 without any loss ?


Thanks for your help..

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yes you can virtualize your setup without data loss but for safety it is recommended to backup all data before action.

if you want install esxi you need better cpu. Xeon 1265L v2 with stock cooling or better with cooling mod. (for multiple vms)

the cheapest way is to find intel i5-3470t

next you need to add ssd drive in odd bay for esxi data store.

after that you create new xpeno vm with rdms to your hdds.



however if you want baremetal install, DSM 6.2.3-25426 has native support for internal nic. or just add hp nc364t nic for baremetal install of dsm 6.2.2

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Thank you for your answer Luchuma, i already ordered a Xeon E3 1220L v2 few days ago, it will arrive in next week.


i already have a ssd in odd bay, and ESXi is installed on it (i unplugged my 4 HDD which contains DSM and data for safety) so far so good :D


Ok so i can add my 4 physical HDD as RDM into my new created XPeno VM ? Great news !! i will search for tutorial.


Regarding baremetal, sadly once Jun Loader 1.03b is launched, Synology assistant didn't see any NAS.. i tried with and without extra.lzma custom with and without adding rz and image into it, so i missed something.


By the way, please forgive my grammatical errors in english, it's not my native language..





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Thank you Luchuma, you directed me on the right way, indeed i didn't know that 25426 version was released, and DSM works perfectly with my native nic now.


For Intel, i just used dsm 6.2.3-25426 + synoboot ds3617xs + extra.lzma 1.0.0 3617xs

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