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New Installation on a USB-Stick/DSM is not loading


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Problem discription

of a Xpenology new Installation of my DiskStation2:

1. Using: Motherboard ASUS H87I-Plus mit Intel i217 Gigabit-LAN onboard; 4 HDDs à 4 TB and a RAID in total capacity of 10.8 TB, out of it are used 7.88 TB


Since about ¾ of a year the NAS is running excellently. Since about 2 weeks I’ve got problems with the LAN connection in the Windows environment. Therefore I decided, to reinstall the system on a new USB stick.


2. I have written the Nanoboot Image „NanoBoot-“ (with the PAT file „DSM_DS3612xs_4493”) onto the stick . I managed the installation. The system is booting from the stick and the data connection to Windows is working again perfectly. But after opening the DSM with the aid of the SynologyAssistant (Version 5.0-4448) the system tells me after the login only “is loading” and then there is no load within 5 days. First I thought, that some new index building needs so much time. But this can’t be.


3. I tried a SSH connection with Putty, but I got only the message “connection refused” (I confess, that I am no Putty expert).


4. Meanwhile I understood, that the SynAssistant finds the concerning NAS with the version 5.0-4418 and suddenly with 4528 and that I installed with the help of the Tutorial a version 5.0-4493. This might explain, why the Windows access is still functioning and on the other hand the new installed DSM is not loading. But how can I change this without erasing all my data on the NAS??


5. At the end of the booting process (all messages with OK) I get the following output messages:

• /usr/syno/bin/synocfgen returns 0

• Partition Version = =

• Partition layout is not DiskStation style

• NOT EXECUTE /sbin/e2fsck.

• Mounting /dev/md0/tmpRoot

• Checking upgrade file = OK

• Linuxrc.syno executed successfully.

• Post init

• DiskStation2 login: (DiskStation2 is the name of my NAS)


In the boot menu of NanoBoot there is a choice for the version 4418, but a hit on this destroyes the Windows connection to the HDDs in the NAS.


I would be happy about any problem solving hint….

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You should get a new version of nanoboot, which is altered to DSM v5.0 b4528, and the .pat-file for DSM 5.0 b4528.

Boot with this version and choose Install/Upgrade in the Grub menu.

I've upgraded several times without loosing any data - just be sure that the system appears as Migrateable when applying the new .pat-file.

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Hello dear Zarocq,


thanx a lot for your reply and your hints. After some other trials with different USB sticks I managed an installation for DSM v5.0-4493. My trial with a v4528 ended with an error message, that the pat-file was corrupt. Anyway, there is again happy life....


Best regards to Denmark (where i have spent this year a summer holiday)//opowoj

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