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Dell T30 - ESXI 6.7 - DSM 6.2 - RDM issues


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Hi all,

I am currently running ESXI 6.7 from usb drive.

My VM's are stored on a M2-SSD. In addition there is a 3.5 Disk installed.

So far the setup is fine and XPENOLOGY is booting up ok.


Now I would like to pass the 3.5 Hard drive via RDM to the virtual machine.

I do have two datastores atm, VM_Store which is the M2 drive and VM_Store_HDD which is the 3.5 hard drive.


I have created the RDM via vmkfstools -z /vmfs/devices/disks/t10.ATA_____ST1000DM0102D2EP102__________________________________W9AFSYJ0 "/vmfs/volumes/VM_Store_HDD/RDM-VM-1TB.vmdk"


Editing the virtual machine and adding the RDM-VM-1TB.vmdk stored in the VM_Store_HDD datastore, I always get the following error.

"Failed to reconfigure virtual machine XPENOLOGY_VM01. Incompatible device backing specified for device '6'. - dismiss"


The configuration of the VM I have attached as a JPG.


Help would be really appreciated.





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there is

1 x  USB pan drive

1 x CD-ROM

1 x NVMe SSD   in Datastore VM_Store

1 x 1TB Hard drive in Datastore VM_Store_HDD


So it is two physical disks in two seperate stores.





Big thx for your support.


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Hi all,


Hoping someone could assist me with RDM related issue. Apologies for replying to an old thread, just looks somewhat relevant.


I've been using xpenology DSM 5.2 for a long time and decided to upgrade to 6.2 using the following tutorial and ovf file:




DSM appears to be working fine (though the fact one of its disks has been assigned with 200GB of storage baffles me).


The issue is that I can't seem to get my existing RDM(s) to work with it. Works fine with the old DSM 5.2, though.


Tried both SCSI and SATA controllers. When using the former - DSM 6.2 will not even boot.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,





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Right, it looks like it worked with "SATA controller 1" so I'm guessing "0" cannot be used for the attached storage if the system "50MB" disk is using it?


Question then, "Hard disk 1" (200GB) as per screenshot above uses "SATA controller 1", is it possible (or smart) to add the two storage disks to the same controller and have them in 'raid 1' but don't include the 200GB drive in the same raid setup?


Thanks a lot in advance,



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