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  1. Hi all, Apologies if posting under wrong thread, admin please feel free to move. I noticed after my recent installation of DSM 6.2.1 the performance is very poor compared to my previous 5.2 setup. Not sure if it's HDD read/write related by over it seems extremely slow starting from login and browsing, ending with file transfer and usage of DSM File app. Some outputs here for my hdd performance: root@sin-nas01:/dev# cat /proc/mdstat Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raidF1] md3 : active raid1 sdc3[
  2. @armazohairge, thanks a lot for sharing. The link appears to be broken, would you be able to re-share a working link please? Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Right, it looks like it worked with "SATA controller 1" so I'm guessing "0" cannot be used for the attached storage if the system "50MB" disk is using it? Question then, "Hard disk 1" (200GB) as per screenshot above uses "SATA controller 1", is it possible (or smart) to add the two storage disks to the same controller and have them in 'raid 1' but don't include the 200GB drive in the same raid setup? Thanks a lot in advance, Val
  4. Hi all, Hoping someone could assist me with RDM related issue. Apologies for replying to an old thread, just looks somewhat relevant. I've been using xpenology DSM 5.2 for a long time and decided to upgrade to 6.2 using the following tutorial and ovf file: DSM appears to be working fine (though the fact one of its disks has been assigned with 200GB of storage baffles me). The issue is that I can't seem to get my existing RDM(s) to work with
  5. Hi all, Sorry if I'm asking question in a wrong thread (I'm only new to this forum), but is it possible to run DSM 6.0 or 6.1 on ESX 5.5? Was trying to set it up using Jun's mod 1.0.1, but that went to hell. Keep gettin errors when installing OVF ("unsupported virtual hardware device 'vmware.sata.ahci') Tried modifying it etc., fixing this error creates few other ones. Is this an ESX 5.5 compatibility issues with the Jun's OVF image? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks