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[SOLVED] Video Station, Streaming not working correctly


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Hi Guys,


I've updated my Video Station a week ago onto a Beta Version (I forgot to disable the function since last Installation :evil: )


Now the Streaming is not working correctly. :sad:


If I start a stream, it's only working in "Original" Mode (Highest available quality). As soon as I want to reduce the quality for transcoding the "ffmpeg" process is stopping to work.


Re-Installation with older Video Station is not working.


Which package is the correct one for the N54L? Maybe i use the wrong one?



Doesn't matter if in my Home Network or from Outside with/without VPN




Some Ideas?



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Hi Guys,


i think I found the reason for my "defect" Video Station.


I've installed DSM5.0 4493 Update 7 completly new incl. formatting the drives.


Video Station still didn't worked.


I replaced, just for fun, my bootstick. And test again. Working like a charm now. :lol:


My explanation is, that the BETA Video Station, changed some files onto the USB Stick. Otherwise I have no idea why it should work now.


I didn't format the stick. So if someone want to search for the reason, I'll try to make a Image from the Stick and make it available for download.


Thank you

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