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Heard the word "Hackintosh" a lot but honestly I never used any Apple products and don't get me wrong, they're just as good as any other products but personally I just feel they're way too expensive for me; might be someday when I would make 100k a month instead a year then I might consider to try some of Apple products like... an iPhone... :wink:


Now back to our main concern, DSM is mainly for NAS devices from Synology so it mostly support Intel-based boards and CPUs like Atom but I've seen a lot of people successfuly had DSM on AMD-based, too; however, it would be more questionable when coming to third-party hardware like RAID, network, video, audio cards... but the good news is if everything doesn't work as you expected (or hoped for), you can always turn around and make it into what you first intended to build it for such as HTPC, Media server, File Server... so if your hardware are not very strong, try bare metal guide first or go straight to ESXI if you have very strong CPU and a lot of RAM :wink: as I suggested in the provided link above. So far, I didn't really try ESXI yet since bare metal work fine for my first purpose that I just simply "throw" the box up onto the attic to silently wireless backup all OS images of all PCs in house and setup to always have 3 iteration backups for each PC... based on mountain formation in case any PC infected or crash, I can always go back to the previous iteration backup or even full backup...

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