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The Sata HP Thin Client T510 drive is not visible


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I warmly welcome Trying to install on the HP Thin Client T510 terminal DSM> 6 A 720gb sata disk is installed on the terminal I'm using the xpenology ds3616xs 6.1.x quicknick bootloader Settings: I set up my Mac lan card Vid and PID pendrive And sn. The machine is visible on the network, unfortunately it cannot see the SATA disk. Can it be fixed somehow ?? Thank you very much. I care about DSM> 6 because I need to use TeamViewer. On Xpenoboot 5.2 everything works fine but there is no TeamViewer plugin.

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I downloaded XPEnology-DSM-6.0.2-8451.5-quicknick-boot-v2.2.img From the Chinese side because it cannot be found elsewhere. I configured PID, vid, mac1, sn. Unfortunately, the machine does not report on the Lan network. Version 6.1.x reports but cannot see the disk, while version 6.02 is not visible on the network. I would like some source from where I can download XPEnology-DSM-6.0.2-8451.5-quicknick-boot-v2.2.img What to additionally set apart (vid, pid, mac1, sn) I don't have RS232 - USB cable and I can't check what hurts. Thank you for your help.

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its a asumtion based on presence of the drivers, if you open the img with 7zip



there is "sata_via.ko" for what i expect to be the right storage driver and there is "via-rhine.ko, via-mg.ko, via-velocity.ko" as via network drivers, and even if HP uses one of there beloved broadcom chips, "tg3.ko" is also present (i checked the HP website, for this device on windows they offer broadcom drivers)


you want to get it working with 6.0 then stay with this loader and find out whats wrong




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