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DS3612xs x64 on a Quad-Core system


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Hi there,


I'm rather new to the xpenology experience so I have some questions that I hope that you guys can answer.


I have succesfully installed DSM5 with update 5 + nanoboot x64 (DS3612xs) on my Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 6.

The Netgear has a Atom processor with 1GB DDR2 memory. Since this is a socket 755 mainboard I've changed the cpu to a Q6600 2.4 GHz Quad-Core and 4GB ram.


I would like to know if the DSM software can take profit of all the cpu's of the Q6600 or will it only use 2 cpu's since it says it's a Dual-Core i3 cpu in DSM?


And does the Nanoboot do something virtual or is the hardware native available in DSM?

So native support for the cpu, disks, ram etc?




I've found out that the DS415+ has a Intel Atom C2550 x86_64 quad-core with 2.4 GHz. Is it possible to change the DSM from DS3612xs to DS415+? Would that make any difference for the performance?

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Greetings I have that problem with my pc no grabs me 4 cores grabs me only two cores


I have a pc with an i5 3.1 and 4 gb memory


I have to do to take me 4 cores


thank you


you can't go by the system information within DSM to see how many cores it uses. That info isn't accurate. I'm not sure if that is what you're using to check core usage or not. I just figured I'd mention that fact.


check dmesg or some other linux until that will give you info about hardware from command line.

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