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HP Gen 8 on DS36115xs 6.0.2-8451 - update help please


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I have been away for a long while meaning I haven't touched my ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 1610T 4GB NHP after I updated it to DSM 6.0.2-8451 a while ago (DS36115xs)

I am thinking of updating it as I am sure there are interim security benefits

So in a nutshell if I want to do a simple no changing hardware etc etc update ideally as 1 shot which can I just uprade directly to?

What would be the main benefits please?


Apologies I know this is really basic and I will try to refresh myself on how to do things but it has been so long I have forgotten much!

I would be looking to do the upgrade on my live machine as I don't have a backup

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I would suggest a 'test' with the 1.03b loader for ds3615.

Follow the tutorial to create a NEW usb boot disk for this loader, ie dont use your existing boot usb.

Check the forum for posts about the 1610 G8 and any issues, bios settings etc


Ideally you should somehow backup your critical data before the following;


Disconnect your raid drives

Connect a spare hdd

Boot with your new loader, check device is found on LAN

Install DSM to the spare drive, create volume, user account, shared folder, install/test the packages you use, and also any services you use (ftp, samba, rsync etc)


When you are happy that everything 'works', 



disconnect spare drive

reconnect raid disks

boot with OLD loader to check everything ok,


swap to new boot loader

Boot and install/migrate to the chosen DSM



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