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How install the 5th HDD on N54L for Xpenelogy for RAID5


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Hi everbody,


sorry for my english :smile:


I would like to install the 5th HDD (a WD Green 3TB) in my N54L, for the RAID5 configuration with my other 4 WD Green 3TB.


I installed the HDD in the CDROM space, connecting the SATA to the motherboard near the internal USB, and the power connection to the power of the CDROM. But my xpenology 4.2 DSM (i'm not sure if is 4.2 or 4.3) doesn't see it, I don't have anything on the DSM that says that I have the 5th HDD installed.


I will update to the DSM 5 without XSI, but I don't if I need to change something on the bios of the N54L before updating, for installing the 5th HDD.


Can someone help me? I didn't find any "guide" to install the 5th HDD with RAID 5 on the N54L.


Thank you very mouch :smile:

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