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Update from DSM 6.2-23739


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Guys i have a noob question. I have a DS1518+ and i just made a new xpenology nas using the DS3615xs with the 1.03b loader. 

I use the ISCSI initiator on windows and i notice that when windows start the mounted iscsi drive takes forever to be connected from the xpenology box while it works perfectly from the DS1518+. I think the problem is the version of the DSM. I also read in the forum that it is safe to udpate from DSM 6.2-23739 to 6.2.2-24922-2.

Now the questions are:

1) http://xpenology.org/updating-minor-versions/ is the tutorial here still good? So i just need to download the DSM from the UI run the command with putty and run the update from the UI?

2) The control panel in my xpenology server show the update  6.2.2-24922 is available but it looks like everybody is updating to 6.2.2-24922-2. if so shall i update the box twice?

Thank you very  much

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Update sucess is dependant on two things. Having the proper loader and having a compatible hardware. Without the later we cant help answering your question but I can tell you two things before you continue:


1- That link you shared not only is prehistoric but does not apply to current loaders (for DSM 6). This leads me to think you have read very little the forum, thus I highly recommend you to:


2- read the FAQs section, DSM Update Reporting section and Tutorial section. If you take your time reading those pinned topics you will most certainly be able to know if you can update or not and how to do it the proper way.


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Thank you Polanskiman.


i think i got it now. Just to confirm i got everything right and to leave an answer for other people that might look at this post in the future.


You can update the DSM directly from the gui now. And in the update reporting section you can check if it is safe to upgrade. In my case i think it is not as my motherboard has a realtek NIC built it and i saw that many people reported no network after the update with realtek NIC, 1.03b loader  on DS3615xs.


One more thing. On monday i should get a Synology E10G18-T1 NIC. I didn’t find reports for this NIC. Can i assume drivers are ok as it is synology hardware?


Oh and by the way i figured out that in italy the update  6.2.2-24922-2 has not been released yet as also my original synology is still at  6.2.2-24922.


Thanks again for your patience.

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