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USB stick vs. ESXi


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Oh my, 112 views and no one answers:(


So long story short:


-ESX - more flexibility, more (and possibly special) hardware required, option to run other servers/services on the same machine; Unsecure (reliability wise) unless you pass through drives. Can use vms to try different settings, layouts, configs


-Usb or any other bare metal installation - (way) less hardware requirements, reuse or buy cheap; singular utilization of the hardware, no overhead.


I'd recommend going bare metal unless you are willing to read a lot;) and need multiple services XPE cant provide




Removed: Dont use RDM, might be fast and recommended but might also kill your data one day.

Reason: Not sure if that warning is applicable here since Linux should be able to utilize raid disks even if the drive order is skewed up i think.

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Oh my, 200 views now but only 1 answer.

I've never touched ESXi before, just curious because ppl talking about ESXi a lot and dunno its benefits.

Can I setup ESXi machine and install a HTPC and a nas nanobooth on it? Possible?

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Not entirely sure what you want to do...

Depends on what you want to run on the HTPC - ie what is not running on xpenology? You will have limited pass through capability, not usre how well audio/video/tv cards can be passed on to a client vm - you'll have to look that up if thats ur intention

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