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    USB stick vs. ESXi

    Not entirely sure what you want to do... Depends on what you want to run on the HTPC - ie what is not running on xpenology? You will have limited pass through capability, not usre how well audio/video/tv cards can be passed on to a client vm - you'll have to look that up if thats ur intention
  2. Festplatte formatieren bzw Partitionen entfernen ? "Formatierung der Datenpartition wird übersprungen" Ist wohl nicht der normale Zustrand für eine Erst-Installation, oder?
  3. Honestly, your hardware is way over-spec'd for XPE. Depending on your requirements you can run ESXi wih an XPE vm and still have lots to spare. Or, if you have critical data (familiy photos, work data whatever) on it then consider ZFS based tech again (is that ECC RAM?). Those are not *so* complicated to setup except maybe the apps as those are possibly not drag&drop style but its not really rocket science either. I am running FreeNas with an XPE VM on top currently for example. ---- Some antswers nevertheless;) -- What "Apps" should I install to serve the XBMC? -- I have a TV which support Plex Media Server, what app should I install? I guess you should decide between Plex and XMBC, are'nt they providing the same service - Server video/audio? -- The current transfer speed over a 1G network is ~60MB/s. Are there any tweaks to make it go faster? This sounds very slow - but not sure how to tweak XPE beyond mtu. Whats you'r array's read/write rate (dd)? -- How do I set up the SSD for Caching. (I am a tech savvy so a link is fine) Not sure thats available in 4.3 -- Any other "must have" of "fun"apps. Totally depends on your needs;) -- Is there new user wiki or forum I should be searching? no idea -- What is nanoboot and gnoBoot, do I need any of these. My system is up and running. I Different boot helpers for DSM5. Is Beta 8 on v5 already or is it still 4.3 based as i believe? If so try upgrading to get SSD caching (overrated in XPE) and maybe more speed
  4. Rand__

    USB stick vs. ESXi

    Oh my, 112 views and no one answers:( So long story short: -ESX - more flexibility, more (and possibly special) hardware required, option to run other servers/services on the same machine; Unsecure (reliability wise) unless you pass through drives. Can use vms to try different settings, layouts, configs -Usb or any other bare metal installation - (way) less hardware requirements, reuse or buy cheap; singular utilization of the hardware, no overhead. I'd recommend going bare metal unless you are willing to read a lot;) and need multiple services XPE cant provide Edit: Removed: Dont use RDM, might be fast and recommended but might also kill your data one day. Reason: Not sure if that warning is applicable here since Linux should be able to utilize raid disks even if the drive order is skewed up i think.
  5. Can you ping it while its not reacting? SSH to it? What does the log say? Temperature ok?
  6. So i've run e2fsck on the volumes and the raid is now clean - unfortunatly this does not resolve the problem. I know that syno support can remote log in to the machine and fix this - but thats not an option here;) But that means that the capabillity should be there - just the know how is missing...
  7. So i've imported my old disks into a new installation and for some reasons it didnt pick up all 5 disks of my raid 5 set, only 4 attached to one bus of my LSI SAS HBA. It imported that volume (4 out of 5 disk) and it worked fine for a littele while, but by now i have 2 disks crashed and the other 2 are at partioning failed state. I am able to access the volume/disks (most of the data is intact) but am not able to repair it via GUI. I tried reinstalling and migrating without success, moving to my old physical syno box (cant due to newer version, old one only supports dsm4)... While i do have a backup it would be easier to recover the volume - any idea how to? The disks are fine; i would just have to unfail the volume and add the 5th disk as replacement for the missing disk... if i could
  8. Ah sorry - edited inline before, just saw your message;) Found it.
  9. Hm probably some stupid mistake but its not working for me - "Partition layout is not Diskstation style" Edit: Ok, its due to the LSI adapter (and its set of old installation disks) - without i was able to install properly, attaching afterwards works
  10. Hm ok that might be it. Unfortunatly removing the bridge would render the NAS inaccessible so thats not a real solution
  11. Rand__

    Gnoboot/LSI 2008

    Ok, stupid indeed;) SAS connector was not seated properly Sorry. Next interesting issue is that XPE is not able to restore a Raid spanning two channels - leaving me in quite a bad position with my old 5 disk raid 5
  12. Is anyone else experiencing 100% CPU usage on /usr/syno/sbin/nmbd -D? This instance on XPE is running 4458-Update2 being vritualized on an i3-4130 (FreeBSD->VirtualBox->XPE) and is completely hogging once cpu core without doing anything at all. I've searched around and it seems to happen to a few ppl on real synology systems as well but given the impact its fairly low amount of complaints so i wondered if it's just bad luck or whether i missed something... Thanks
  13. Rand__

    Gnoboot/LSI 2008

    Hey guys, been out of the loop for a while and am now trying to get up an ESXi based XPE setup... I've installed it using gnoboot 10.3 and DSM 4458; upgraded to gnoboot 10.5 afterwards but still have the issue taht the disks on my HBA do not get found. So i am running an SAS GBA in passthrough mode (LSI 2008) - that one is reckognized as per dmesg 2.592852] mpt2sas0: LSISAS2008: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x03), BiosVersion( [ 2.592860] mpt2sas0: Dell 6Gbps SAS HBA: Vendor(0x1000), Device(0x0072), SSVID(0x1028), SSDID(0x1F1C) [ 2.592864] mpt2sas0: Protocol=(Initiator,Target), Capabilities=(TLR,EEDP,Snapshot Buffer,Diag Trace Buffer,Task Set Full,NCQ) [ 2.592972] mpt2sas0: sending port enable !! [ 2.602774] mpt2sas0: host_add: handle(0x0001), sas_addr(0x5b8ca3a0ef8fdb00), phys(8) [ 2.603023] mpt2sas0: port enable: SUCCESS [ 2.608780] but the drives attached to it are not listed in the gui... Additionally i get some erros i cant relate to... 31.676435] dsmnotify.cgi[19078]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000804ccb8 sp 00000000ff9501d0 error 6 [ 31.725653] storagehandler.[19079]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ffc771a0 error 6 [ 36.946616] storagehandler.[19208]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ffcf6350 error 6 [ 37.206249] storagehandler.[19357]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ff9c4040 error 6 [ 41.972417] storagehandler.[19512]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ff9e2350 error 6 [ 62.383542] dsmnotify.cgi[19565]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000804ccb8 sp 00000000ff83dc10 error 6 [ 62.433985] storagehandler.[19566]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ff8a3910 error 6 [ 82.804877] storagehandler.[19623]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ffad6560 error 6 [ 92.989251] dsmnotify.cgi[19664]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000804ccb8 sp 00000000ffa418f0 error 6 [ 103.214506] storagehandler.[19711]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ffa778a0 error 6 [ 123.659637] dsmnotify.cgi[19766]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000804ccb8 sp 00000000ff8c59c0 error 6 [ 123.738049] storagehandler.[19767]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ffb87860 error 6 [ 144.347314] storagehandler.[19835]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ff971eb0 error 6 So whats my (hopefully stupid) mistake here? I am sure there are many ppl out there using that HBA successfully:) Thanks
  14. Excellent, that works © (used http://codepad.org), thanks guys. Turns out its a network issue after all, Bridged Networking seems to have an issue. Very misleading error though - and an Enhancement request: put the IP right there before the root prompt;)
  15. Ah in fact I *am* using alpha 10.5; sorry i called it alpha7 since that was the latest version from trantor i believer which i tried before. I d'led today using the latest link so i am up to date. Root PW - tried but didnt work for me either