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Connect speakers to onboard sound card


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I am currently running my NAS using the xpenology 4.3 release.

I understand that we can get audio out of it using the audio station app by connecting a USB sound card.

I am currently using the intel D510MO atom board with onboard 5.1-ch realtek HD audio.

Will the onboard audio work just by connecting speakers to the line-out connector?



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Another option is to use DS audio to stream to an audio renderer such as airport express --> optical/analog out --> amp/speakers.

The benefit of this is perfect bitstreaming :mrgreen:


I often see AEs in the refurbished section of the Apple store for £59

I think DS audio only supports USB for internal audio as authentic Synology boxes can only support USB.

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A quick heads up on an option I found recently.

I bought this Chinese made bluetooth amp as a low cost devide for streaming audio in the kitchen.




It is available from the usual aliexpress/ebay/amazon stores as an F900 bluetooth amp from various brands such as Nobsound (yep that is genuine), Mo-gu and Drok.

It cost about $30/€30/£22 and is suplied with a 12v 5A PSU and connection cables.

According to the documentation it is 2x 30w and has bluetooth and line in plus a USB port.

The USB port is not able to fully power the device and its mode is detected depending on what is connected which is spoken via the speakers.

It isn't mentioned anywhere that this USB port works as a DAC which was a nice surprise when I plugged it into my Microserver.

It works natively in 5.2 and is available as an output source in audio station.

Sound quality over bluetooth is OK but via USB is pretty good TBH.


So Synology NAS + cheap F900 amp + speakers = great audio library solution.

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