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  1. Hi! I am currently running my NAS using the xpenology 4.3 release. I understand that we can get audio out of it using the audio station app by connecting a USB sound card. I am currently using the intel D510MO atom board with onboard 5.1-ch realtek HD audio. Will the onboard audio work just by connecting speakers to the line-out connector? Thanks.
  2. Hi! Trantor, I am current using this repack for my box. So far, everything works fine but there is one annoying problem that only happens on the intermittent basis. Whenever I boot my box up, my router (Dlink DCM-604) will show that the connection to the box is on. However, after my box has already booted up, all my mapped folders to my box are not accessible. A check on my router setup page does not display the MAC and IP address of my box in the DHCP table. This only happens sometimes. If the MAC and IP address of my box in the DHCP table are listed, the all my mapped folders are accessible. A power cycle on my router will always solve the problem. I tried another router and the problem still persist sometimes. Is this related to the NIC driver issue with this repack? If so, any chance of updating the driver. The NIC on my motherboard is the Realtek RTL8111DL. Thanks.