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First time install.


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Hi all just tried to install for the 1st time but it doesn't work for me.

The problem is dl the 2 files from the builds her and put the one as by tut on my usb drive,then went to boot from it on my pc.

I see a lot of stuff that is says it's missin and as last a lot of thing saying it can't unable to enumerate usb device on port *

new highspeed device number 5 using ohci_cd

and device not accepting adress 5 error -32

What is or has gone wrong?

Any advice would be great for me.

And i love quick answers to get this up and working for me.

Thnx in advance for your help[.

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You might need to provide a little more information:

Which version you are installing, there are now 3. NANOBOOT, Trantor & GNOBOOT

Hardware, including CPU type 32 or 64bit, HDDs and or SSD.

As for actual problem, something a little more descriptive other than doesn't work.

The steps you are taking to install.

Plenty of folks here willing and happy to help but help us help you.



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