Xpenology DSM 6.1 LSI 9211-8i number of disks

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I have built a custom 2u host with 8 disk bays using Junsloader 1.3b, DSM 6.2-23739, DS3617xs and a LSI 9211-8i flashed to IT mode. When looking at the disks i can see all 8 drives but two of them are showing as ESATA. Can anyone advise on how i need to change this config so they all show as local disks so i can add them to a new volume?




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Solved it :)


  • Enabled SSH in the control panel
  • Connect via SSH using putty
  • edited both etc/synoinfo.conf and etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf with the following in vi:
  • maxdisks=22
  • esataportcfg=0x0
  • usbportcfg=0x‭7FC00000‬
  • internalportcfg=‭0x3FFFFF‬
  • rebooted, and all disks appear fine :)

Might be handy for anyone else having this issue.




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